The Wire: Live Music Venue

This perspective shows a view to the stage in the music hall.

This exploded axon shows the music hall portion of the project.

Music Hall elevations

Lounge Level 1 Perspective

Lounge Elevations

Lounge Elevations

Basment Level Entry

Level 1 Music Hall, Lounge, Music Guest Accomodation

Level 2 Music Hall, Admin Offices, Lounge

Whole building Section A

Whole Building Section B

Whole Building Section C


This final senior project was a 1.5 semester long undertaking. One half semester was spent preparing the program document for the senior project that was 100% the creation of the student set in an existing structure of the student's choosing. This particular project is a live music venue located in a renovated 1856 mill building in Clinton Massachusetts.


Senior Directed Studies – Summer 2010