Allyson Forrister

Allyson has earned a Bachelors of Science in Interior Design from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA. She is interested in many aspects of architecture and design including but not limited to commercial, hospitality and residential design as well as sustainability, restoration, remodeling and preservation. Allyson also has an extensive knowledge of antiques and has worked in the antique industry for the last 9 years. She is currently living in the greater Boston area and is accepting freelance work through her own business, Counterpane Interiors.

Allyson has experience with small and large scale projects. She is skilled in communicating creative design through visual presentation, technical drawing and drafting by hand and with the aid of computers. Her services include preparing furniture, fixture and equipment specifications, color and texture consultation and space planning. She works within the project budget, purpose and function and in compliance with the aesthetic tastes of the client.

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Portfolio Project Descriptions:

The Wire: Live Music Venue:
This was the final collegiate project that Allyson completed in her senior year. The site Allyson chose for this project was an 1856 mill building located in Clinton, Massachusetts. The building was the original home of the Clinton Wire Cloth company which was one of 5 major mills to shape the town so many years ago. The project was to use three floors of the building to house a live music venue complete with music hall, music guest accommodation, courtyard, lounge and administrative offices.

Branch Public Library:
This was a project for Interior Studio V during undergrad year four. The Site for this project was on the ground floor of a Boston University academic building at 808 Commonwealth Ave. in Boston. The building was designed by Albert Kahn in 1927 as Cadillac showroom. This project needed to cater to Adults, Adolescents and Children as well as the greater community. In addition to reading rooms and back-of-house functions, A community program space had to be accounted for and accessible outside of library hours. Another challenge for this project was to preserve certain historical elements of the building like the historical plaster ceiling in the original showroom space in the front half of the building.

Law Offices at Waltham Watch Factory:
This was a project for Interior Studio IV during undergrad year three. The site for this commercial design project was at the historic and sprawling Waltham Watch Factory building in Waltham, MA. Only Part of the 5th floor and the 6th floor tower ramparts were used for this project. The Office caters to 4 different practices of law with each practice having a number of partners, associates and admins. Paralegals were shared between practices. This idea effected how the space was organized. The concept for this project was to keep a bit of the industrial factory feel and materiality walls were designed in to have an unfinished, informal quality to them.

Residential Condo:
This was a project designed for Interior Studio III during undergrad year three. The site for the condo is on the top two floors of the FP3 residential building located in South Boston, MA. The fictional tenants of the condo were a middle aged couple. One person was an Art Dealer/Collector and the other was a musician. The Condo is on two floors, has two terraces, two bedrooms and one bonus room.


"Allyson Forrister worked with me at La-z-boy Furniture Galleries in Natick, MA as my interior design apprentice. When I first met Ally she was hired as a co-op student from my alma mater, Wentworth Institute of Technology. She worked with me on my projects and with customers in our store for almost four months. I instantly liked her.

It’s no wonder, because Ally is bright, talented, and extremely compassionate. She showed an eagerness to learn more about our product, how to service our customers and how to improve our business. She treated all the customers she assisted with a genuine smile and positive attitude. She made me laugh and she understood my weird sense of humor. That’s not an easy thing to do!

When she returned to us after she graduated, I was so excited to take her on as my apprentice! She spent her first few weeks shadowing me with my clients in and out of our store. Then she went on some small home visits by herself, but within a couple of weeks she was taking on full size projects. She even used AutoCAD for one of her client’s floor plans so she could show the uniqueness of the space.
Towards the end of her time with us the rest of our coworkers were asking her questions because she truly became an expert."

  • Leigh Karpowicz, Interior Designer

"Ally will be a wonderful asset to any organization (client) that is fortunate enough to engage her services. I feel privileged to have Ally as a co-op student and benefited greatly from her fresh perspective and customer-service skills. She presents well to clients, is attentive and always represents the company well. If you are considering Ally as a future member of your team, rest assured that you are bringing in an intelligent, customer-focused, logical and creative team-player who will keep your goals in focus.”

  • Sarah Deveney O'Neil, Owner, Storibook Designs


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